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Ace - Dad

Ace was born August 14th, 2020.  (NFS)


Ace is our Alpha male around the farm.  He's the smaller of the two sires, coming in at 100lbs and still growing.  That doesn't stop him! Everyone knows who the boss is! He loves to spend time with his family all around the farm whether it's overseeing the mowing on the tractor  or hanging out in the shop on the cool concrete floor. He is extremely intelligent and obedient.   He is from an excellent working bloodline and always seems to know exactly what you want him to do.    He seems to understand the chickens are ours and off limits to him.  He also helps round up an occasional hog on the loose.  He has a wonderful temperament.  His laid back personality fits in perfectly around here.  He is so very loved!!

Ace's Available Pups

Ace has a new litter on the way!




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