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Important Information

Our puppies "names" on our website are only  for organizational reasons. So, don't worry, you will get to name your pup and train them to know you as their new Mom or Dad.  

When your puppy is ready to go home, they will have already had their 1st vaccination, 3rd worming, a full medical check up, their AKC paperwork, and a "doggy bag" of surprises. After you decide on the name of your new family member, you can register them with the American Kennel Club.  AKC does charge a small fee for registration.  Each package includes 30 days of insurance coverage. (click here for more information). 

If you would like to be placed on a wait list, please fill out the form below. (There is a $500 deposit for the wait list that will be applied to the final adoption cost of $1500.) It is an advantage to get on the wait list early because you get to pick your puppy in the order that you secure your place. The puppies go very fast!

If you have any questions regarding any of our pups, please feel free to Contact Us!

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our puppies! We strive to make the best possible match between our babies and their Forever Families. The Adoption Application form is the first step to see if the new “furry family member” you're interested in would be a good match for you and your entire household. Keep in mind, we have multiple bloodlines and if you are wanting to mate them, we keep records of your initial adoption.

$1500 Adoption Fee


  1. Be able to provide us with a photo ID or other paperwork verifying your current address.

  2. Be at least 21 years old.

  3. Have written confirmation from your landlord (lease works, if stated in lease) that pets are allowed, or own your own home.

  4. Be able and willing to educate yourself and spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment, and proper care for your pet.

Terms, Waiting List, Adoption Form


Our Guarantee


AKC backs your adoption with a free 30 day insurance policy when you register. If you have ANY issues with the health of your puppy, please contact AKC by CLICKING HERE and registering. 


As long as The German Shepherds' Girl is in business and for the life of the puppy; should anything happen to that puppy adopted from us, another puppy may be adopted with a 20% discount off of the full website price. In addition, for anyone who has previously adopted from us, we will extend this guarantee by offering a second puppy for 10% off the website price. 


Terms and Agreements

Before you adopt a puppy, we will require you to fill out the form below and possibly disclose information to prove age, lease, and address. We also reserve the right to refuse adoption at will. 

Your $500 deposit will be applied to your final adoption fee of $1500.  The deposit is non-refundable but can be rolled over to a different puppy if we do not have a puppy that fits your immediate needs. We will be happy to transfer your deposit to our waiting list.

We also have first right of refusal on all puppies we sell.  If your situation changes in any way and you can't take care of your adopted furry family member, we hold the right to be the first to either accept them back into our home or first right to refuse. Negotiations for return acceptance are situational.

We make sure our Sires and Dams are healthy throughout the year. All our adult dogs receive a multi-vitamin and probiotic every day and are wormed every month for optimum health in addition to maintaining their vaccinations. The mothers get special food during pregnancy as well. We take our pups to have them cleared of any health issues, including breed-specific issues. We put time and effort into finding the perfect couple to breed so our puppies have the best traits and qualities. We also raise the puppies with a lot of sensory stimulation and early socialization.

We abide by the rules and regulations required by the AKC for all German Shepherd Dog breeders.

We are very transparent in our entire operation to anyone that would like to visit our kennels and meet our dogs.  Please feel free to come by for a visit or call anytime with any questions you may have. 

Adoption Form

Waiting list and Adoption Form

Let us know in the "Comment" field whether you're Adopting or being placed on the Waiting List and any other pertinent information that you think will be helpful.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you! 

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